We need a great democratisation of power, to let people take back control of local life and restore the infrastructure of communities: the pub, library and youth club.

We need a transformation of public services to create more community-led systems and a revived idea of private business acting as a force for public good.

Taking back control of our streets: the case for community-powered planning

Along with Locality and Create Streets, the New Social Covenant Units have published ‘Take Back Control of our Streets’ with the endorsement of a group of cross party MPs and Peers.

The paper argues that we need to build more houses by allowing communities a greater say in local development. This will produce popular, beautiful housing in right place and better aligned to the interests of residents with greater democratic legitimacy.

Trusting the people: the case for community-powered conservatism

We are proud to have worked with ten newly elected Conservative MPs to publish ‘Trusting The People’. The essay makes the case for a ‘community power’ revolution to build better places, transform public services and grow the economy.

By Siobhan Baillie MP, Miriam Cates MP, Nick Fletcher MP, Jo Gideon MP, Jonathan Gullis MP, Paul Howell MP, Jerome Mayhew MP, Robin Millar MP, Kieran Mullan MP and Jane Stevenson MP.


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Community Power Partnership

Remote bureaucracies in the public and private sectors have dominated for too long. A more local, more human and more plural paradigm is possible.

The Community Power Partnership is a non partisan partnership between the New Social Covenant Unit and