Each week the New Social Covenant Unit recognises Members of Parliament for their covenantal credentials as spotted on the green benches.

This week, Jo Gideon MP and Miriam Cates MP both championed principles of the new social covenant in the budget debate on Monday night. 

Trust the people, says Jo Gideon

Jo said that levelling up is about ‘owning’ the challenges and the solutions that her constituency faces by 

‘trusting the people and investing in our social fabric, to empower communities with the delivery of innovative solutions to problems they understand better than anyone’. 

‘Trusting the people’ was first used as a political slogan by Lord Randolph Churchill, a follower of Disraeli and the father of Winston and runs deep in the Conservative party’s philosophy. Along with nine other Conservative MPs, earlier this year Jo co-authored a pamphlet, ‘Trusting The People’, which states:

‘Britain is a strong nation because of the tapestry of institutions which have emerged organically over time to meet the aspirations and values of the people. These are local as much as they are national.’

We need a new social covenant, says Miriam Cates MP 

Later that same evening, Miriam Cates MP called for a ‘new social covenant’. 

‘Big state does not create the best conditions for human freedom and flourishing. There are many problems that the Government cannot solve and the Government cannot make us good.

‘The ambition must be to develop a new social covenant where the Government provide the framework, but where we all share the responsibility for building stronger families, stronger communities and a stronger nation.’

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