The Prime Minister exposed the deeper meaning of Jubilee paraphernalia like bunting and BBQs. Much more than symbolic, such celebration is a means of personally partaking in the family of the Commonwealth. Next week’s festivities will serve as an expression of gratitude to the Queen for sustaining the invisible association we call “the nation”, uniting our diverse society.

On the occasion of the Seventieth Anniversary of Her Accession to the Throne the Prime Minister said:

“It is not so much what she has done as the way she has done it: getting the best out of people; inspiring them to serve others and their communities; helping to create that invisible thread of pride and allegiance that tugs on all our hearts and makes us happy to serve, or at least to do something for, our country in the way that she serves this country...

And so I hope that in the coming days, we can together further comfort and reassure her, and show with every bonfire, every concert and street party, and every aerobatic display a love and devotion to reciprocate the love, devotion and leadership she has shown to the whole country over seven decades…. For me, she is already Elizabeth the Great.

We recommend the watching the entire seven minute speech.