Trusting the people: the case for community-powered conservatism

We are proud to have worked with ten newly elected Conservative MPs to publish ‘Trusting The People’. The essay makes the case for a ‘community power’ revolution to build better places, transform public services and grow the economy.

By Siobhan Baillie MP, Miriam Cates MP, Nick Fletcher MP, Jo Gideon MP, Jonathan Gullis MP, Paul Howell MP, Jerome Mayhew MP, Robin Millar MP, Kieran Mullan MP and Jane Stevenson MP.

Read coverage in The Telegraph here

“The paper, Trusting the People, and the decision of the new secretary for levelling up to appear at its launch at the Conservatives’ annual conference on Sunday, appears to offer a glimpse into Mr Gove’s approach to reforming the country’s planning system.

It advocates putting more public services, from mental health support to dentistry, into the hands of staff and local communities.”